It’s time to come “clean” and express my ultimate distain for a certain chore that I think most will sympathize with.

That is the dreaded… CLEANING OF THE BATHROOM!

Raising 6 children of all ages from adult to toddler is a very rewarding experience however, it does come with the added bonus of cleaning up the dreaded bathroom.

When I was single, my bathroom was pristine, everything in its place…sigh…the good ‘ol days.  Now, I cringe every time I walk in after my boys have been in there.  There are towels on the floor, toothpaste crusted on the counter, the sink is a nightmare and the tub is the nightmare’s cousin, and the TOILETS!!   I can’t even walk in without gagging when I look at that toilet.  Like, really?  These boys have horrible aim and I have actually walked in on my 5 year old making “designs” as he swayed, back and forth, handsfree…Yes get that visual!

So, with full gloves and my cleansing liquids, I venture into the world of my bathroom where the urine drops are real and my cursing begins….sigh…

I think this Mama needs to hire a maid!!  Waaaaah


Cleaning Time


Wish me luck!


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