A household chore I hate doing!

It’s time to come “clean” and express my ultimate distain for a certain chore that I think most will sympathize with.

That is the dreaded… CLEANING OF THE BATHROOM!

Raising 6 children of all ages from adult to toddler is a very rewarding experience however, it does come with the added bonus of cleaning up the dreaded bathroom.

When I was single, my bathroom was pristine, everything in its place…sigh…the good ‘ol days.  Now, I cringe every time I walk in after my boys have been in there.  There are towels on the floor, toothpaste crusted on the counter, the sink is a nightmare and the tub is the nightmare’s cousin, and the TOILETS!!   I can’t even walk in without gagging when I look at that toilet.  Like, really?  These boys have horrible aim and I have actually walked in on my 5 year old making “designs” as he swayed, back and forth, handsfree…Yes get that visual!

So, with full gloves and my cleansing liquids, I venture into the world of my bathroom where the urine drops are real and my cursing begins….sigh…

I think this Mama needs to hire a maid!!  Waaaaah


Cleaning Time


Wish me luck!



Author: Stiletto Supermom

Writing is my passion, people are my motivation, my children are my life. Sharing my life's journey through travel, film and many other medias. Choose happiness... and share it with everyone.

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