Wiser thoughts..

Hey Guys!

It has been a long and adventurous road over the years. I’ve brought you all with me as I entertained you and the masses lol. I have learned and grown into a better me. I actually feel better.

I started this blog because I am a writer. When I was 7, I would staple paper together and draw pictures to match my story. My characters had a LOT to say. I made a safety book about not chasing a ball across the street. I wrote a “Happily Ever After?” story that told an alternate ending to the Cinderella fairytale. I’ve written poems, short stories and some quirky tweets. It is so amazing to have met people worldwide, in person and over the interwebs. Who would have thought that I could write things endlessly and make up words, share dark and light humour… I have also loved reading your blogs, too!

I’m old as heck and I still enjoy the internet in all kinds of capacities. I still enjoy radio and podcast making and you will hear me on the air waves here and there. My dj wheels of steel are now being used by my children but I still love a good rhyme and a beat. I will continue to promote artists and business owners because that is what the internet was for! Self promoting, promoting others, teaching others new things, trying new things.. It’s about all of the things! Social media can be crazy but that is only if you take it too seriously. Everyone has a voice and we should be able to use it. There are a plethora of opinions out there and you don’t have to listen to any of them. Stay open minded because sometimes the first impressions aren’t the ones you should base your opinion on either. Did that sound too lecture-y?

I’ve come quite far from pushing a van full of kids off the road in my stiletto shoes, coming up with the “Stiletto Supermom” name, creating a blog, creating a live talk radio show, creating videos, livestreams, co-hosting radio shows and now, here we are. “Stiletto Supermom” has brought so much joy to me and was/is my outlet and will continue to be my voice. I began reviewing products online, writing blogs and making videos and I don’t really know what to do now. I feel like I have plateaued and I am completely fine with it.

Does this sound like goodbye? Bc no! this is not a goodbye. This is a fork in the road and I may just hang out in the middle and enjoy the view for awhile.

I hope you are all having a great Fall and I look forward to our next update!

Much love


A Look at Social Media

As most know, I’ve been involved in social media from way back in the ICQ days when chat rooms were the rage.  I remember when internet was finally available to us and like most “kids” we relished in the information highway, we met people and for some of us, we got ourselves kicked out of chat rooms for profanity. lol

With the birth of Facebook and Twitter I found myself lost and admittedly addicted to the interactions online.  Facebook became a place for my family and Twitter became a place for.. Me!

The introductions to new technology and gadgets brought more of my online world into my life.  Yes, the whole internet/gadget mix can be extremely distracting, but what I have found more of is that it has opened more doors for my career and have introduced me to some of the greatest people I could meet without even leaving my house.

Now, in my last radio show, I touched on the fact that nudity and internet porn is here and it is here to stay.  Strong opinions of sex online and whether it should be recognized are prevalent.  The debate whether to blame the naked person or the viewer is heavily weighted on both sides.

Knowing that the risqué sexual side of the internet is here to stay, I find myself on the fence about the whole debate in itself.  Being an independent woman, I have the freedom to display myself or not, that being said, when it comes to the internet and let’s say my Instagram account, I don’t have control over who sees my pictures and what they do with them.  Now, with the introduction to YouTube videos and live streaming, we again have been subjected to the dilemma of nudity and others’ sexual escapades.  There are many apps and sites where one can be sexual and even get paid for it and pay to see it.  I wonder whether to blame the nudity or the person watching it.

The debate and the controversy will continue and as a mother, I can educate my children, monitor what they do online and be aware.


Stiletto Says Ep.10- Keep it Spicy!

The smell of bacon and Technology

I woke up this morning to the sound of the boys talking about their Valentine’s candies, I had to tell them over and over to wait until after breakfast. While I waited I had 2 FaceTime calls.  Now, before 10am, I am no where NEAR awake nor FaceTime ready, but it was nice to chit chat with my friends.  My childhood friend is currently undergoing chemotherapy and he’s responding well, but knowing him he’s a workaholic and aching to get out of the hospital.  I talked to my other friend about how much we love our iPhones and how, back in the day, we had beepers and texting took a hell of a lot longer than nowadays.

That being said, I was watching a Catfish marathon and despite watching some hearts get broken, I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come.  It used to be Pen pals we could write on with actual pens and paper; family and friends you kept in touch with via landline telephone; carrying change to call on public pay phones…I look at all my techno gadgets and shake my head that everything is connected and synced.  If this is what the minimalist lifestyle looks like, then I’m a happy girl.

Being alone for Valentine’s Day wasn’t so lonely.  I’ve met many people online and I praise the fact that we are all just a keystroke away.  Relationships can be formed, connections can be made, friendships can be formed with a strong base.  I feel that sometimes when we hide behind a keyboard, we can also see the truth.  We can reach out and feed each others loneliness, sadness, joy and laughter.  We all want the same thing.. to be heard, to listen, to learn, to connect… This is a great time for us all.

Meeting people…real life and online…does it matter?

Sometimes in life someone comes into your life at the most unexpected time and place and they make things so clear to you. They know your soul they know what you need even though you just met them. What makes me smile even more is that people I have never met have become more interesting to me and more real than anyone else I’ve met in person. It’s like the universe has a way of bringing the like-minded people, you need, to you one way or another. Now, I know there are some that are skeptical and are negative about meeting people online, etc. and I admit that I was one of the pessimists for a very long time. However, over the last year and into this new year, I have met people who have been more sincere and honest and that is something I have not had in a long time. I can spend time with my current friends and family, can spend hours talking, laughing, but these same people, I’ve observed their actions and what they say, they are not genuine. I feel sad for these people because it must be so hard to live a lie for 24 hours a day.

I’ve had people laugh and say most people online are just saying things you want to hear, however doesn’t the same thing go for people in real life? There are lots of people who are not authentic and will tell you what you want to hear then turn around and say the most awful things as soon as you turn your back. My logic says, the people I’ve met online don’t have a reason to put up fronts, they are genuine because that is all they have. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who I talk to and share my life as they share theirs with me. I don’t believe there is much of a difference between meeting someone on the street and meeting someone from behind the keyboard and a screen.

As I’m getting ready, mentally and emotionally, for my travels I find more and more opportunities and positivity towards me. Encouragement to follow my dreams and enjoy my passions. For those that are reading this, I welcome you into my world and I appreciate the time you took to read my writing and my creations. Although I have not met you all I cannot help but feel we are all connected in some way. I know that this is a kind and beautiful world, you just have to be open to it in any form it comes to you.

Much love to you all and may you all have an uplifting day!

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