I woke up this morning to the sound of the boys talking about their Valentine’s candies, I had to tell them over and over to wait until after breakfast. While I waited I had 2 FaceTime calls.  Now, before 10am, I am no where NEAR awake nor FaceTime ready, but it was nice to chit chat with my friends.  My childhood friend is currently undergoing chemotherapy and he’s responding well, but knowing him he’s a workaholic and aching to get out of the hospital.  I talked to my other friend about how much we love our iPhones and how, back in the day, we had beepers and texting took a hell of a lot longer than nowadays.

That being said, I was watching a Catfish marathon and despite watching some hearts get broken, I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come.  It used to be Pen pals we could write on with actual pens and paper; family and friends you kept in touch with via landline telephone; carrying change to call on public pay phones…I look at all my techno gadgets and shake my head that everything is connected and synced.  If this is what the minimalist lifestyle looks like, then I’m a happy girl.

Being alone for Valentine’s Day wasn’t so lonely.  I’ve met many people online and I praise the fact that we are all just a keystroke away.  Relationships can be formed, connections can be made, friendships can be formed with a strong base.  I feel that sometimes when we hide behind a keyboard, we can also see the truth.  We can reach out and feed each others loneliness, sadness, joy and laughter.  We all want the same thing.. to be heard, to listen, to learn, to connect… This is a great time for us all.

4 responses to “The smell of bacon and Technology”

  1. Watercalms Avatar

    😊 We have been thinking about some of the same things. Technology changed dramatically for with my first computer around 1991, a 486cpu. Then came the Cow Box! Lol. The Pentium. 2 pc’s and I had Internet. Yes I wowed at it. I had to be very careful of usage. My children had already mastered Nintendo learning games. Those computers were smoking when they got on them.
    The best usage at that time for me was reserving books at the library. As soon as a book was released the library had them so I didn’t have to buy.
    I agree technology has made my life so much easier, efficient, and more informed.
    The cellphones have evolved but honestly the price from 1995 to now has not really changed much. I had a big flip phone first. Image I had this thing when no one else had them. It was great honestly. I as well enjoy Apple phones, not pc’s.
    Cheers to your sick friend kicking and fighting! Your support is a great force to help the will to come. Keep sending those vibes as well; I have added mine to yours as well.
    Have a blessed weekend with your children. They grow and change right before our eyes so fast, it is amazing!


    1. StilettoSupermom Avatar

      lol Yes! I rocked the Nokia phones and my pager was on my hip at all times (no I was not a drug dealer) I had it for emergency purposes when I had my daughter in daycare. Payphones were 25 cents back then..in Chicago I had to make a call to find my hotel driver and it cost me $3.00!! I remember when screens were two toned green and the pc’s I used to work with were simple black background and boring. Internet was dial up..hahahaha wow, I’m a total dinosaur! Thanks for the love for my friend I really appreciate that. He is doing well and is fighting..we were chatting about how we grew up as kids and the funny ass clothes we used to wear. Much love to you and your family this weekend, it’s bright and sunny and the kids are off this Monday for Family Day, so my house is full of music and cracking young male voices hahahaha. Take care hun! 🙂


  2. Christine Avatar

    So strange how I was thinking about the same things the other day. I sat and reminisced as the time has finally come at the age of 30 to get my license! I can still remember the day my father had asked if I wanted a pager or my license for my birthday and I instantly choose a pager, I remember thinking I would undoubtable get my license either way so why not opt for both while I had the chance. Shocking in todays world can you imagine your teen wanting a pager because “it’s so cool”? It cost 10 dollars a month and it was my responsibility to pay for it, needless to say I had the thing for a month and I think I was paged once most likely by my mother. The lesson I did learn from that choice now coming to the end of my year with my beginners soon to finally have my own vehicle fourteen years later is that my daughter will not be given a choice what she gets for her sixteenth birthday.


    1. StilettoSupermom Avatar

      My kids don’t ask me for money, they want iPhones hahahaha I have to admit though, if I didn’t have my phone with me while I was going through my Chicago mishaps, I seriously don’t think I’d know what to do! Scary, but true! These gadgets should all be free anyway.. Get your license so we can drive across Canada and have an adventure!


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