As most know, I’ve been involved in social media from way back in the ICQ days when chat rooms were the rage.  I remember when internet was finally available to us and like most “kids” we relished in the information highway, we met people and for some of us, we got ourselves kicked out of chat rooms for profanity. lol

With the birth of Facebook and Twitter I found myself lost and admittedly addicted to the interactions online.  Facebook became a place for my family and Twitter became a place for.. Me!

The introductions to new technology and gadgets brought more of my online world into my life.  Yes, the whole internet/gadget mix can be extremely distracting, but what I have found more of is that it has opened more doors for my career and have introduced me to some of the greatest people I could meet without even leaving my house.

Now, in my last radio show, I touched on the fact that nudity and internet porn is here and it is here to stay.  Strong opinions of sex online and whether it should be recognized are prevalent.  The debate whether to blame the naked person or the viewer is heavily weighted on both sides.

Knowing that the risqué sexual side of the internet is here to stay, I find myself on the fence about the whole debate in itself.  Being an independent woman, I have the freedom to display myself or not, that being said, when it comes to the internet and let’s say my Instagram account, I don’t have control over who sees my pictures and what they do with them.  Now, with the introduction to YouTube videos and live streaming, we again have been subjected to the dilemma of nudity and others’ sexual escapades.  There are many apps and sites where one can be sexual and even get paid for it and pay to see it.  I wonder whether to blame the nudity or the person watching it.

The debate and the controversy will continue and as a mother, I can educate my children, monitor what they do online and be aware.


Stiletto Says Ep.10- Keep it Spicy!

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