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*CLICK FOR VIDEO* Make it with Me! A Retro Apron Story

Summer is slowly starting to say its final goodbyes. I still have the windows open and it’s almost October! It’s inevitable the snow is on its way and I will soon have to do my traditional “hibernation”.

Last week, I had a lovely meeting with my colleague and was feeling so good about it I literally got inspired. If you’re anything like me, you will know that fabric stores, crafts, handmade artwork are my weaknesses. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and more recently felting have been great outlets for me to express myself. So, after my meeting I popped over to Fabricland and I wandered throughout the store touching fabric and looking in all the tiny corners for hidden gems. As you are aware, I am an art doll maker so of course my whole intention was to possibly sew a baby quilt or something. Then I found this amazing fabric and I knew exactly what I had to do with it.

I found it on the bottom shelf tucked in behind some other unrelated fabric. Not only is this my favourite I Love Lucy episode, the colours are gorgeous retro shades. I immediately thought about making an apron for my doll painting and other crafts. I gathered my focal fabric and some cute complimentary and contrast fabrics to give it a modern day/vintage look.

I found this chocolate brown fabric with delicate fine lines and flowers for the main apron, a dusty rose and white polka dotted fabric to compliment the main colour, then I added 1 full panel pocket and 2 smaller pockets on the front. I made sure I had room to carry my cellphone, pens, scissors and other notions.

I made my own pattern by copying the shape of my rooting apron. I started with the centre pocket with the base of 4 blocks of the focal fabric measuring 14 x 14 inches. I cut out 2 blocks of the focal fabric and put them over the bottom 2 blocks of the square piece. I finished the top edges of the pockets with white bias tape, I stitched between the 2 blocks to separate them into 2 smaller pockets. After cutting out the shape of the apron I attached the middle pockets. I kept the pocket looking like it was thrown together for that vintage homemade feel. For the straps, I took the dusty rose and white polka dot fabric and cut 4 x 3 inch strips, folded and sewed them right sides together lengthwise, turned the 4 pieces inside out, pressed and attached 2 pieces at the top of the apron for the neck tie and 2 pieces on either side of the waist of the apron. I also made the straps longer so I could wrap them around my waist and tie a bow at the front under the pocket. I finished all the edges around the apron, pressed the seams and taa daa! A fresh apron ready to get dirty!

I may do a video tutorial in the future for those that are interested in this quick little project. More sewing projects coming up soon!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!


Over already?!

It's the Civic Holiday weekend and it feels like the summer months passed by so fast! I blame most of this on the weirdest weather I've seen in years! It would rain so hard it sounded like hail against my windows, thunderstorms at least once a week followed by extreme heat where I could hardly breathe. Although, I'd rather have this weather than the upcoming winter months.

The back-to-school supplies and clothing are in all the stores, I can almost hear my bank account cry for my school shopping days that are just around the corner. It will be an emotional school year for me as my last little pterodactyl will be leaving the nest to go to school. So far, he knows his numbers up to 10 and backwards, but he refuses to sing the alphabet song lol. Thanks to the iPad he does know what the letters are, but he just doesn't like the song. I'm guessing that he thinks the song is dumb, he rolls his eyes every time I ask him to sing it.

Lately, my days are filled with doll orders and event planning. It's a truly exciting time for me. I have found what I love in all aspects of my life from the kids, social life and now my artistry. They often say that when your personal life is good everything else around is chaos. I am living proof that the saying is NOT true. We all need to find the balance in our own lives or things get harder and harder to do. It's like the universe makes some things in our lives difficult in order to accept something better in our lives. "Out with the old, in with the new" has a deeper meaning than we think. This whole year has unraveled many important life choices for me. My family relationships have been stronger now than ever, financial security is finally here, reuniting with my childhood best friend, maintaining deeper relationships with my friends from all over my online world and forming new amazing friendships who have cleared my mind and settled my soul.

Yes, you can have it all, yes abundance is attainable. If you want these things, you have to release everything that you know is holding you back. It will seem so difficult to let go, but it will be worth it and those difficult moments you are experiencing right now, will be in your distant past. Right when you're about to give up hope is when you have to gather up as much strength as you have to get through the rough moments. You will see your end goals, not when YOU want to see it, but when you're ready to accept it.


Gadget Review: Adrienne Vittadini Studio Wallet with phone charger

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a gadget review, however I had to say something about this pretty yet purposeful gadget targeted to women.

I found this product in Winners while looking for a new replacement for a wallet I’ve had for over 3 years.  I sifted through many styles including a Tommy Hilfiger one and I had to decide between the two.  This is a wallet designed by Adrienne Vittadini it has a phone charger BUILT IN!

I am on my phone all day so yes I have to charge my phone before I leave then pray that my battery isn’t going to die.  I drain my battery about halfway through my day and it is so annoying.  This battery charger has already been a saviour!

The inside pouch has a semi-detachable charge station built inside secured by 2 snap buttons.  It has a micro usb cord with a lightning adapter.  Simple instructions on how to use the usb; flashing red light means charging solid red light means fully charged, blue means charging device. I have an iPhone SE and it fits perfectly in this wallet which has a wrist loop.  I was looking to downsize my ever swollen wallets of the past and this is a great incentive to do it.  So far, when I need an extra charge it’s right there and can be charged discretely without loose external batteries hanging around which isn’t very cute.  Yes as a gadget gal, I will fall for anything that makes gadgets look cute.

If you have a chance to find this wallet or something similar, I highly recommend you pick one up to add to your summer fashion accessories.  This will make an awesome gift for your fellow gadgeteers.  If I find more of these wallets I’m gonna pick one up for my Mom.  😀


Old but New Health Concerns

Two years ago, I posted my interest in bringing old traditions back ( Back with the old? ) at the time my concern was still about healthy snacks that fill my family with better nutrition throughout the day and especially after a long day of school.  During the two years I have made many changes from moving to a new home to changing my daily intake of sugar.

I am a believer in visualization and I find myself coming back, full circle, to the same concerns but with even more education and research results.  My concerns of whether my children are getting the best quality food were answered when I talked to many about their dietary habits and changes.  I’ve talked to many people from Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo Dieters, etc.  One thing remains the same, we are all concerned about what we are ingesting.

I watched a documentary called, Sugar Coated, currently on Netflix.  That documentary and 2 years of personal research and trial and error brought me to who we should really understand about the rise in obesity and diabetes in our children.  I don’t remember knowing, if not any, obese children as I was growing up, let alone any children suffering from diabetes.  My father developed diabetes, I developed gestational diabetes, as well as many other friends and family and let’s put this disease in check and in regular english.  Diabetes is a debilitating, destructive and dangerous disease (we’ll call these the 3-Deadly-Ds).  To understand the 3-Deadly-Ds you don’t need to be a doctor or scientist, you just have to be aware.

Diabetes doesn’t just stop at the daily inconvenience of pricking your finger or watching what you eat.  Diabetes negatively effects every organ in your body and has been responsible for limb removals due to lack of circulation.  Corn syrups, glucose, fructose, etc if these are included in your foods or drinks you need to understand that those sugars go straight to your liver, thus making your liver work overtime, sooner than later one will feel the effects an so will your body.  I’ve met wonderful people that struggle with this disease that now affects all age groups.  In a nutshell, this disease is not cute!

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 2.19.32 PM

That being said, I do live in the reality that I LOVE FOOD!  I love cooking, baking, cookies, cakes etc.  These are things I like to enjoy on an occasional basis, however raising 6 children can make things tricky when choosing more vitamin rich foods.  I experimented just last weekend by filling two large fruit baskets with Nectarines, Plums, Bananas and Avocado and refrained from buying any “fillers” like crackers & cookies.  I watched my children to see what they reached for and I was proud to see that they weren’t picky, they snacked on the fruit.  In one smart grocery shopping visit, I saved money, several trips to the store and the children were all in great spirits.

In June 2016, I attended a convention with my best friend ( @BrawnyBarbie ).  Since we both run our own businesses and we love to bounce ideas off each other, I was lucky enough that she invited me to go with her.   She, a mother of two beautiful children, also discussed concern about food and the food industry. Now, wandering around this great group of women at the Mompreneur Show was so fun and it lead me to join forces with a company that also shares my passion of tea and health, Steeped Tea.  This is a Canadian owned company that appeared on one of my favourite shows, Dragon’s Den.  I met this wonderful ray of light, Joan Hepburn.  She was so friendly and positive she just oozed sunshine.  She let me taste her different mixes of teas and also shares my love of tea.  I may be on the go all the time, however I would love to start having tea parties and making new friends.  Not only is this a long loved tradition here in Canada, but I think this is a great opportunity to introduce my children to healthier options.

I have since introduced my tea adventures to my extended family and they were also excited about my upcoming recipes to try on them.   My 4 year old son now asks for my home brewed iced tea, so I think I’m moving in the right direction.

Here’s live footage of the Mompreneur Show:

YouTube:  SSVlogs:  Mompreneur ShowSSVlogs:  Mompreneur Show

Sipping Tea all day! 😉


Here’s my Stiletto Steeps FB Page dedicated to my love of TEAS!

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 2.56.27 PM



Skincare Review: Biotherm Life Plankton Essence


Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

I have been using the Life Plankton Essence by Biotherm for over 6 months and I am completely amazed by the results.  I’m not the kind of person that likes to follow a strict skin regiment, but since the onset of the summer heat, this product has helped with new blemishes and acne scarring.  I was also excited to see how it has also helped with scars that I have had for over 2 years!  (I will have a full before and after result review soon)

You must shake the product before using it and only apply a couple of drops and tap the product lightly onto your skin with your fingertips.  It does have a mild “beach” sent but it absorbs quite nicely into my combination skin.

As you can see in the picture above, after 6 months, I have only used a small amount.  I will be using the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence as part of my daily routine.  I’m so impressed by how my skin feels and it seems to have its glow and lustre back without that greasy look and feel.

I purchased this in the Beauty Section of Shoppers Drug Mart.  Ask for a sample to try it out and let me know your results.  Have a great day my luvs! 🙂



I feel like I’ve been preparing for this upcoming holiday week for the last couple of days.  I’ve been getting things finalized and waiting on some supplies.  During my wait, and usually while I work, I like to have Netflix on.  There’s something about the extra layer of noise that helps me focus.  Here’s what I’ve been watching:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.49.29 AM

First up is Indigenous, this was listed as a Netflix movie recommendation for me and I was in the mood to be creeped out.  It has some action and terror and if you are the fan of the strange and unknown you will love it.  The storyline is somewhat predictable but I enjoyed it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.50.56 AM

There are a few seasons of Bones on Netflix and it is where I fell in love with this series.  Tons of forensic and good ol’ police stories one can’t help but fall in love with all the characters in this series’ cast line up.  There’s some terror, action, humour and a great storyline during the entire show.  Playing each episode one after the other has helped me get through a lot of long nights.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.50.08 AM

My current addiction on the Netflix is The Good Wife.  There are currently 6 seasons available and I’m on the 4th.  I can definitely relate to the main character, a woman betrayed by her husband returns to her love of her law career.  I am a litigation junkie so I love watching the court room battles and office politics.  The cast is full of strong actors with a constant string of guest actors I haven’t seen in many years.

I hope everyone is prepared for the great March Break that begins today, here in Canada.  The kids are home and the weather is unusually warm and will stay above freezing for the next week.  I’m just thrilled to bring in the new Spring season.  I’ll be doing some spring shopping this week as well!  I can’t wait to get into all the great new Spring deals!

Happy March Break my friends!  xoxo


Saturday Sex Positions discussion

StilsOnTheGrills AfterDark

Tonight marks a fresh start for The #StilsOnTheGrills Show.  Starting the first show with my friends (@MazeleeMadison & @BetsyBoop35 on Twitter and other social medias) discussing dangerous sex positions was a great way to begin a new and fun journey.  With a bit of humour and a lot of experience, my friends and I have a no-holds-barred conversation about our real life experiences.  As always, we enjoyed some laughs and can’t wait to do it again next Saturday!

Watch the video here: The #StilsOnTheGrills Show:  After Dark with Friends – Sex Positions

The #StilsOnTheGrills Show will go LIVE every Saturday at 10pm EST 
Click Here for LIVE link


Review: New Shampoos & Hair treatments First Impressions

On a recent shopping expedition, I found myself wandering the hair care section of Winners while I was live streaming. It was a super fun shopping experience especially finding these great products despite the poorly organized hair care shelves.

Although Canada is warming up, the dry indoor heat has made my hair so thirsty, my mane is also recovering for a very brief and damaging event when I decided to bleach my hair…AGAIN!  So… on my road to recovery I, of course, need some assistance.IMG_4175

I came across Oliology coconut oil shampoo and conditioner set.  $26.99CAD for 2 huge bottles containing 32fl.oz each.  This is the first paraben-free shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried.  The shampoo is clear and pumps out in a gel-like state.  I was a little skeptical but it did a great job with it’s mild coconut scent.  The conditioner is white in colour and is more of a liquid consistency.  It, too, has a non-aggressive coconut scent and it worked beautifully with my hair texture.  So far this shampoo & conditioner combo was  will do for the time being.


With all the bleach damage, you can imagine that my hair not only is dry but the lustre has also been bleached away, so I was thrilled to find this Macadamia Oil Complex Leave-in Instant Shine Elixir Serum by Phytorelax Laboratories.  As per instructions I applied it to clean damp hair from the ends first. I used small amounts at a time and wow did my hair every soak it up!   The day I tried this I also decided to straighten my hair and the results were stunning!  My hair straightened smoothly leaving my hair with a nice healthy shine.

I know my mane has a long way to go before it is fully restored, however I’m so happy my local Winners has salon grade products to help my on my repair journey.

If you happen to try these products, let me know how they worked for you!

Much love my Sweets n’ Treats


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