On a recent shopping expedition, I found myself wandering the hair care section of Winners while I was live streaming. It was a super fun shopping experience especially finding these great products despite the poorly organized hair care shelves.

Although Canada is warming up, the dry indoor heat has made my hair so thirsty, my mane is also recovering for a very brief and damaging event when I decided to bleach my hair…AGAIN!  So… on my road to recovery I, of course, need some assistance.IMG_4175

I came across Oliology coconut oil shampoo and conditioner set.  $26.99CAD for 2 huge bottles containing 32fl.oz each.  This is the first paraben-free shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried.  The shampoo is clear and pumps out in a gel-like state.  I was a little skeptical but it did a great job with it’s mild coconut scent.  The conditioner is white in colour and is more of a liquid consistency.  It, too, has a non-aggressive coconut scent and it worked beautifully with my hair texture.  So far this shampoo & conditioner combo was  will do for the time being.


With all the bleach damage, you can imagine that my hair not only is dry but the lustre has also been bleached away, so I was thrilled to find this Macadamia Oil Complex Leave-in Instant Shine Elixir Serum by Phytorelax Laboratories.  As per instructions I applied it to clean damp hair from the ends first. I used small amounts at a time and wow did my hair every soak it up!   The day I tried this I also decided to straighten my hair and the results were stunning!  My hair straightened smoothly leaving my hair with a nice healthy shine.

I know my mane has a long way to go before it is fully restored, however I’m so happy my local Winners has salon grade products to help my on my repair journey.

If you happen to try these products, let me know how they worked for you!

Much love my Sweets n’ Treats


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