It’s been 6 years since I’ve been able to drive, so I rely, heavily, on every form of transportation.  Since I am, also, extremely impatient and it’s winter, there is now way this gal is getting on a bus.  So, my go-to transportation has always been to call a taxi. From flat rate taxis to the drivers that take the “scenic” route, I’ve tried the all.

I heard about Uber almost a year ago and I found the concept very interesting.  Since I am a self-proclaimed App-Junkie, I was even more intrigued about the app and having the convenience of booking a driver at the palm of my hand.  Around the same time, however, the local taxi company I use developed their own app complete with GPS, payment options, and driver assignment number.  I downloaded both apps and tried them out.  Both were flawless and my wait time was cut in half which, for me in the dead of winter, is an important feature.

In talking different taxi drivers, I asked them how Uber has affected their business.  One claimed that he lost 30% of his income because of Uber.  We talked about the taxi company strike in Toronto and his thoughts on Uber.

“..this is how I make a living, this is my business, I invested thousands to become a driver.  I spent a over $20,000 for the car and $8,000 a year in insurance, licensing, etc.  Here, I have a camera, my photo identification, my car number these are all for the safety of my passengers.  Did you know that Uber drivers’ insurance does not cover its passengers?  If you were ever to be in an accident with me, as my client, you would be covered…” 

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.48.19 AM

And then we have Jason Dalton (picture above), an Uber driver that has recently murdered 6 people in a 5 hour rampage.  Although there were many bad reviews and reports about his driving erratically at high speeds, he continued to shoot innocent people from his car picking up passengers between his murders.  Many of the passengers who rode with Jason Dalton expressed that they were terrified and lucky to be alive.  Jason Dalton, a 45 year old married man with 2 children was arrested and detained that same night.

The reality is there is good and bad everywhere and we all know that, but luckily this is the information age which has given the power back to us as consumers to make our own informed decisions.  Whether you decide to choose a taxi or Uber or any other transportation service please do your research, share it and be safe!

Much love my Sweets!


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