It’s been awhile since I’ve done a gadget review, however I had to say something about this pretty yet purposeful gadget targeted to women.

I found this product in Winners while looking for a new replacement for a wallet I’ve had for over 3 years.  I sifted through many styles including a Tommy Hilfiger one and I had to decide between the two.  This is a wallet designed by Adrienne Vittadini it has a phone charger BUILT IN!

I am on my phone all day so yes I have to charge my phone before I leave then pray that my battery isn’t going to die.  I drain my battery about halfway through my day and it is so annoying.  This battery charger has already been a saviour!

The inside pouch has a semi-detachable charge station built inside secured by 2 snap buttons.  It has a micro usb cord with a lightning adapter.  Simple instructions on how to use the usb; flashing red light means charging solid red light means fully charged, blue means charging device. I have an iPhone SE and it fits perfectly in this wallet which has a wrist loop.  I was looking to downsize my ever swollen wallets of the past and this is a great incentive to do it.  So far, when I need an extra charge it’s right there and can be charged discretely without loose external batteries hanging around which isn’t very cute.  Yes as a gadget gal, I will fall for anything that makes gadgets look cute.

If you have a chance to find this wallet or something similar, I highly recommend you pick one up to add to your summer fashion accessories.  This will make an awesome gift for your fellow gadgeteers.  If I find more of these wallets I’m gonna pick one up for my Mom.  😀


6 responses to “Gadget Review: Adrienne Vittadini Studio Wallet with phone charger”


    Gadget girl to the review


  2. Rebekah Avatar

    I bought one of these online but I’m confused. I don’t see a light anywhere. I plugged it into my computer and I’m not sure if it’s charging or not.

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    1. Stiletto Supermom Avatar

      You can see the light when you charge it. The light is blue when it’s fully charged. I can see the light on the sides of the battery cover. It will flash red when the battery is low. It was confusing for me at first


  3. Tonya Brunner Avatar
    Tonya Brunner

    How do I charge the battery pack since it’s not removable


    1. Stiletto Supermom Avatar

      You don’t have to remove it to charge it. Just plug it into a charge adapter like a cellphone.


    2. Tonya Brunner Avatar
      Tonya Brunner

      Yeah, I figured it out not long after my question to you but thx!


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