Review: Battle of the Mascaras

As a makeup enthusiast I have managed to develop a healthy taste for mascaras.  Over the years, I have had my share of hits and misses which has made me extremely particular about mascara.  Since I am constantly on the computer, doing errands and chores I have specific wants and needs depending on what I have planned for the day.  For example, if I feel that I’m going to have a long day, I tend to wear waterproof mascara or layer a volumizing mascara formula on my lashes.  Sometimes I combine certain formulas to create the look I want.  Here are my thoughts on the above mascaras:

First up, we have Rimmel London “Super Curler 24hr” 


This brand claims that its formula will hold the curl for 24hours.  I purchased it to do just that.  I used an eyelash curler then immediately applied the mascara.  Now, I wasn’t and never was a fan of the curved wand, but I decided to try it anyway.  I had high hopes for this product but after a full 12 hours the formula flaked off my lashes throughout the day.  To give the mascara another go, I used the mascara as the first layer and topped it with a mascara I knew worked.  Sadly, it still flaked off throughout the day and therefore did not hold the curl.  I believe this product works best with a light application and a shorter wear time.  I found this in Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.

Next up is Covergirl “The Super Sizer”


As I’ve said before, “Size Matters” lol, but in this case, I was surprised by the smaller and thinner wand this mascara had.  It claims to result in the appearance of longer lashes with more volume.  I chose to try this mascara because I wanted to be able to get as close to the root of my lashes as I could to give a fuller lash look.  I was and still am thoroughly impressed with this mascara.  Not only did I get to my lash roots, but I was able to apply as many layers of the product as I wanted without it looking clumpy, sticky, nor flakey.  I now use this mascara alone, with other mascara formulas and when I wear false lashes.  It has become my go-to mascara over the past 4 weeks.  I bought this in Walmart .

And finally, L’Oreal “Voluminous Miss Manga Rock”


The claims on the packaging suggested giving lashes a doll-like look, so of course, that’s why I purchased it.  I’ve been using the L’Oreal Voluminous original formula for many years which was even more of a selling feature.  I was also intrigued by the wand, the shape is perfect for getting into the corners of your eyes.  Unfortunately, the wand and formula combination resulted in clumpy lashes.  It was a bit of a challenge the first time I tried it, it was also a messy experience.  After a couple more attempts I learned how to work with this mascara and wand to create the doll-like look.  I use this mascara when I don’t feel like wear false lashes.  I bought this in Walmart as well.

The Battle of the Mascaras’ results are in and the winner is Covergirl’s “The Super Sizer.  I love everything about this mascara and it’s the only mascara I’d repurchase out of the three competitors.

If any of you have tried these, please comment and let me know what you thought of them.



Humidifiers and winterizing your nest

Winter is in full effect and with that comes the added bonus of colds, viruses and flus, the winter months freak me out!  I can’t just open a window and let fresh air in without freezing my toes off which is a total bummer.  Winter has done its job at putting all the trees and plants in hibernation and has forced me to fire up my furnace.  Now that the dry heat is circulating throughout the house I knew it would cause problems with my kids.  My furnace has a humidifier attachment, but it needs to be replaced so, my alternative was to go out and find me a new humidifier.

I went to Walmart and found the humidifier display in the Household department and there were a ton to choose from.  Prices ranged from $20-$169.  I chose the Sunbeam Warm Mist Filter Free Humidifier:

Sunbeam Humidifier


It has 2 settings (low to high humidity)and an “off” option; a small medicine tray by the vent; a clear water container; it can run all night and day; and it has no filter!

I have owned a few humidifiers over the years and I can honestly say I am in an extreme dislike for humidifiers with filters!  They just end up so gross and there’s so much maintenance and cleaning with that extra step.  Being a mom of 6, I don’t want to have to run to the store to constantly replace the filter… it’s just something I’m not into, so the no filter option was a major selling point to me.  My 2 year old had a fever and a dry cough around the same time I bought the humidifier and I am proud to report he’s been having some great sleeps at night and is finally over his cold.

If you’re in need of a good simple humidifier try this one out.  It was $34.96CAD at Walmart which is nice on the budget, has a great output and is surprisingly quiet.

On that note, I’m off to do some Christmas shopping… 😀

I hope you are all having a fabulous day!



First birthday weekend of the summer done…so many more to go…

In typical tradition, with every birthday in my family, it ends up being jam packed with frenzy, chaos, entertainment and laughter.  With the heat and activities, the kids ended up being such a handful!  I had to play referee among them, my 6 year old being the major troublemaker…sigh…on top of that I had to go to Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some stuff that I had run out of.  Oh what a time constrained weekend, I’m glad it’s over!



Nothing too out of the ordinary, but having 2 teenaged boys I had to restock them with deodorant and razors… ugh these boys are growing too fast!  I’m relieved that I have my own studio to escape to when I feel the testosterone levels rise.  Yikes!

I had to get proactive while I was in Shoppers, I checked my P.O. box and remembered to get stamps to mail some letters and documents.  With registering my business and organizing projects into a timeline, I was feeling a little stressed…  So, when I asked for a book of stamps, the cashier gave me a selection of the plain stamps or some fancier ones (it’s nice to know our taxpayer dollars went to some artwork)  I had a choice between the Guess Who, The Tragically Hip and Haunted Canada stamps.. lol Of course I chose the Haunted Canada ones…

Haunted Canada StampsI thought these were so cool!  It made me even more interested in the history of Canada and now I’m looking up places for my upcoming cross Canada travels.

It was a very busy and chaotic weekend and I have more to look forward to for the upcoming week.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 😉



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