In typical tradition, with every birthday in my family, it ends up being jam packed with frenzy, chaos, entertainment and laughter.  With the heat and activities, the kids ended up being such a handful!  I had to play referee among them, my 6 year old being the major troublemaker…sigh…on top of that I had to go to Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some stuff that I had run out of.  Oh what a time constrained weekend, I’m glad it’s over!



Nothing too out of the ordinary, but having 2 teenaged boys I had to restock them with deodorant and razors… ugh these boys are growing too fast!  I’m relieved that I have my own studio to escape to when I feel the testosterone levels rise.  Yikes!

I had to get proactive while I was in Shoppers, I checked my P.O. box and remembered to get stamps to mail some letters and documents.  With registering my business and organizing projects into a timeline, I was feeling a little stressed…  So, when I asked for a book of stamps, the cashier gave me a selection of the plain stamps or some fancier ones (it’s nice to know our taxpayer dollars went to some artwork)  I had a choice between the Guess Who, The Tragically Hip and Haunted Canada stamps.. lol Of course I chose the Haunted Canada ones…

Haunted Canada StampsI thought these were so cool!  It made me even more interested in the history of Canada and now I’m looking up places for my upcoming cross Canada travels.

It was a very busy and chaotic weekend and I have more to look forward to for the upcoming week.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 😉



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