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We just finished up my son’s birthday AND our Canadian Victoria Day weekend.  Affectionately called “May 2-4 Weekend” there were fireworks, food and tons of fun now that the warm weather has finally arrived; it also marks the time when it’s safe for us to plant our perennials.  I won’t be going all out with the flowers but I did have to get myself a new lawnmower.

Now, I went to Walmart..TWICE and it was a nightmare, not for the tons of people but the staff was seriously useless!  It took 4 men and 1 woman to give me a straight answer on 1 damn rechargeable lawnmower.  I was getting so frustrated when a brilliant young lady opted to match pricing from Rona, she even carried it to the cash.  I chalk it up as at least 1 in 5 of the Walmart employees aren’t idiots.

I hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous hot weather here in Canada, I already had to turn the air conditioning on..  Yay for Summer!


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