Mixed weather and thrifting…

I had a great day!  Although it poured for about 20 minutes then went to full sun, typical in my part of the world, I managed to get some sun on my skin and also found some great deals while out doing errands.

There was a 50% off sale at Goodwill, now if you’re not familiar or uneasy about shopping at a second hand shop, I highly suggest you check out your local shops and see what kind of hidden gems you can find.  I’ve managed to find a Burberry and a Ralph Lauren button down shirts for $7.00 each…  The key to finding such gems is… patience…

This time I found a 2 pc bikini, which looked to be brand new, for $6.25 and a Roxy cover shirt for $3.25… I couldn’t go wrong with that! 😉

Goodwill Finds

Of course I suggest washing all your finds, however I did lay out, in what was left of the sun, in my new bikini top.  Summer is finally here!!

It’s about time Canada!  Sheesh!




Author: Stiletto Supermom

Writing is my passion, people are my motivation, my children are my life. Sharing my life's journey through travel, film and many other medias. Choose happiness... and share it with everyone.

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