I had a great day!  Although it poured for about 20 minutes then went to full sun, typical in my part of the world, I managed to get some sun on my skin and also found some great deals while out doing errands.

There was a 50% off sale at Goodwill, now if you’re not familiar or uneasy about shopping at a second hand shop, I highly suggest you check out your local shops and see what kind of hidden gems you can find.  I’ve managed to find a Burberry and a Ralph Lauren button down shirts for $7.00 each…  The key to finding such gems is… patience…

This time I found a 2 pc bikini, which looked to be brand new, for $6.25 and a Roxy cover shirt for $3.25… I couldn’t go wrong with that! 😉

Goodwill Finds

Of course I suggest washing all your finds, however I did lay out, in what was left of the sun, in my new bikini top.  Summer is finally here!!

It’s about time Canada!  Sheesh!



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