Fall has finally begun and I couldn’t be happier!  I love the cool breezes that make you want to put on a couple more layers of clothing.. but not quite commit to a jacket.  I’ve pulled out my old flannel shirts as well as purchased some new ones.. gotta love our flannels, cuz Canadian!

Unfortunately, I won’t be as invested in Halloween this year as my son is going in for an operation.  I’m anxious but with a bit of help from my family and friends I’ll get through.

The decorations are up and the ambience is set, although I’ll be playing an actual nurse for my son, I’m sure the festivities will be spooky and amazing!


Happy Halloween 2015!

Much love,

One response to “Transitional Fall… AWESOME!”

  1. Princess Stepford Avatar

    I love u twin. You look beautiful in this photo. Ill be sending prayers. Talk to u soon….

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