It’s officially the end of the first month of 2019 and a cold snap (a fast drop in temperature) which has effected most of part of Canada and many parts of the world. This drastic drop to minus freezing levels may be alarming to many but it’s a normal winter to me.

Most of us Canadians have our main staples to get us through the harsh Northern winds. From boots to coats to gloves, etc everyone has their faves. Here are 5 of my favourite things about winter that help me get through the brisk cold which I truly love.

#1 A Warm Cozy Blanket

A warm, preferably fuzzy, cozy blanket is a MUST! I have always had a throw or blanket on hand and ready for those days when I want to snuggle while watching TV. When the house is quiet my dog Vinny cuddles up right on my lap. I look forward to the quiet days that I can have a nice winter afternoon nap.I have definitely passed the blanket readiness down to my children. I often see them carry their blankets draped around their shoulders while making their way out their rooms in the morning. I have also caught my dog, Judge, steal a fuzzy blanket or two to lay on.

#2 Colourful Socks and Leg warmers

If you’ve followed me on my social media you will know that I have a huge admiration for socks. I gravitate towards knee high socks in particular, if I see a pair of socks that catch my eye while I’m out shopping I buy them. I don’t have snow pants which would be ideal during this -38 degrees Celsius weather. The next best things for Canadian women is a good pair of leg warmers.

Growing up in the ’80s, leg warmers were known as fashion statements of jazz dancers and ballerinas. Who doesn’t remember “Flashdance”? Although it has been a fashion craze both in and out of eras the use has always been practical and simple. Who would have thought cutting off some tight pants from the knee down to layer them on top of another pair of pants would actually keep someone warm? Whether you pick socks or leg warmers make sure you add some fun colours and bedazzle them up!

#3 A Touque

I have a growing collection of hats and touques to wear for any season. My favourite hats to wear are hands down the classic touque. My all time favourite style are the chunky knitted hats. I have knitted and crocheted so many stiles but the most basic designs are the best!

I especially love the smaller beanies so I can put it in my purse without it taking up too much room.

#4 Hot chocolate beverage

This is a huge fave in my family. There’s something about a warm steamy hot chocolate drink that warms up everything from the inside out. I remember when I was a kid we were taken out on winter field trips for cross country skiing, etc. We were given scalding hot chocolate. It was so hot we all burned out tongues. I doubt they offer that in schools today. Despite the risk of a burned mouth I still order cafe mochas and hot chocolates every winter.

#5 A Fireplace

I’ve been blessed to have grown up with a fireplace. I think they should be mandatory in Canadian households. With the recent 2019 cold snap which dropped temperatures below -20 degrees, having a fireplace was a perfect way to keep the house at a warm cozy temperature.

These are the top 5 things about winter that I actually look forward to. There aren’t very many days left of winter in my part of Canada. I will have to pack up my touques, soon and trade my socks in for a pair of spring shoes and pedicures.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Stay warm!


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