I have been looking at updates in apps and technology. It has been awhile since I have worked on my new laptop. I have been updating my emails, making videos, editing, uploading, writing… etc. on my phone. It has taken time to change some mobile habits and not spreading myself too thin on the projects I have going on. Yes being mobile is a great thing, however now that I’m dealing with multiple businesses and media accounts I am at a point where I have to “downsize” what I do on the phone and migrate them onto my trusty laptop.

For years, I have tried to go 100% digital and compact everything I do into one place. That worked for quite a few years, but now I feel like I am less organized and a bit more frantic since I have several things in one place. I have been working on projects which have deadlines just around the corner so I have been focusing on that for a couple days. Distractions are all around and it just isn’t working like it used to. Social media is a distraction but it’s not only social media, it is also being able to, yes, access apps that I need for content but it also is about putting these devices to work for the good of my health. As most, who have been following me for years, know about my ailments, most also know that I try to help bring some positivity with everything in balance as much as humanly possible. I took some time to reflect on what my device could really do for me to help put more structure in my day. Sure there will always be that the newest and greatest dynamic of human versus robot, but have we all really used our devices to it’s full capabilities a far as helping us organize and bring balance into our lives. I’m sure a lot of us are dependent on our phones for communication and education, but I recently sat down and discussed my health with my friend. Having physical ailments is a challenge but now that I have my medications in order it is time for the healing and building to begin.

I was on the fence about whether I should buy an iPhone 14 Pro or a Google Pixel 7 Pro and I then came to the Google Pixel watch and the Apple Watch. This lead me on a little bit of a research frenzy. I just saw my doctor and everything in my health is on the up and up. My blood tests are great and I am on stable ground, so to speak. I feel a lot stronger than I ever have in my entire life. I decided to invest in myself and keep myself in check. That all being said I did a lot of research and decided to go with the the Google Pixel watch. I know, I know.. I, too, was and still am, a HUGE Apple product fan. Most of my family is on the Apple train as I had suggested to them for many years. For the last 2 years, I have been using am LG Velvet smartphone and it is seriously an amazing phone. I have dropped it a few times, but she is still working perfectly. I was ready to switch back to the new iPhone when my son suggested that I check out the new Google Pixel 7 Pro before I did any investing into Apple again. Along with getting healthy I need something to monitor me while tracking my whereabouts for safety purposes. I was watching a documentary (yes it was a solved homicide case) The victim was taking a jog through a trail in her neighbourhood and a man chased her into the woods. Scary and terrifying. Using her watch that tracked her movements they were able to show her movements before and after her murder. This information helped put her predator in jail for life.

I am not as strong nor fast as I used to be so I want to work up to that. I talked to my family and in unison they told me that it is not safe to go out on walks alone. I never thought I would ever have to accept this new normal with the world, but rather than argue my independent woman speech I stopped and accepted that this is indeed a new fact to consider whenever I decide to go out alone. I still want to go for power walks so I found a happy medium. I decided on the watch, the Google Pixel watch to be specific. I have an android phone that is working so common sense made the decision for me lol. I placed my order and I am trying to wait patiently for my watch to arrive.

If you have ever used or are interested in using FitBit I suggest downloading the app on your smartphone. I tried a yoga session and it was fun and challenging. I’m definitely not as strong as I used to be, but I am well on my way. The app also has a community which is an interesting option. Google has partnered up with FitBit on its creation of the new watch so I cannot wait to try it out.

I will be reviewing and taking you all on my health journey as I put my devices and myself through some challenges.

Are you getting healthy? Let me know and follow my social media and we can do this together!

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Have a fantastic happy day!



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