Here we are in 2023, in a pandemic, passing the time online.  The internet is a whole treasure trove of information, good and bad.  I don’t think I will ever get bored of gadgets, apps and meeting new people.  Things are peachy keen but unfortunately there is a bad side that I want to protect other fellow internet lovers from.

As a parent I have always played the internet down as entertainment.  An extension to reach like-minded people in different communities and forums for sales of items and services. It seemed like overnight it turned into an uncontrollable force where psychological torment is alive and brewing.  It is important for me to protect the innocent even if it means that my name would be dragged by others.

Years ago I wrote an article about the Reborn Doll community back in 2019 after a doll show I held.  In that article I included people who orchestrated a symphony of cyberbullying of my friends and family all because of the word “No”.  Guys, I just said No to this weirdo and she can’t stand it.  Online people can get very possessive, jealous, envious… even when you’ve done nothing to harm them. The power of words is just that powerful but we can also think for ourselves.  You have a right to express your opinions in Canada.  You have a right to a peaceful living which I fight for everyday.

Recently I was sent a Cease and Desist email (these documents aren’t enforceable by the laws of Canada) by one of those people.  Witnessing all the pain and torment she has done and continues to do to people I simply cannot sit idly by.  I’m pretty ballsy and also fed up.  This person (Brenda MacPherson Neufeld of MacPherson Arts & Crafts located in St. Mary’s) thought she could bully my friends enough to take my post down on this website. It’s my post and my freedom. Ha! I have always and will continue to let artists have a voice on my platforms.  For the silent innocent ones in the back. You can protect yourselves, get familiar with the “Block” buttons.  Use every tool to protect your mind and spirit.  Log off for a few days to decompress.  You have no obligation to respond, entertain nor provide answers to those that belittle you.  Threats and intimidation are tools that sociopaths use to manipulate people to do their bidding.  Find people for your close knit tribe, they are out there.

If you know you are in the right, stick by it.  People want to know the truth.  If you need help or to just talk I can be that person!  People like Brenda use their businesses like a popularity contest, but it doesn’t work.  Eventually, people will find out, I am just the truth teller doing what is right.  Facebook and other social media apps has always been a toxic place if you let it.  Keep the truth alive there’s power in it.  There are way more people out there rooting for you to win on and offline.

You are not alone and I’ve got that kinda time 😏

Original post from 2019: The Truth about the Reborn Community


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