It seems as though I have hit my first bump in my travel plans “road”.  My region has had one of the coldest and most awful weather leaving people without power and heat for 72hrs.  A bad flu has claimed some lives in a city not far from my own, so these are definitely a time of trials.  The terrible weather conditions and health concerns have “pumped the brakes” on my plans.  I had planned on flying out this weekend but with the weather being so unpredictable, I do NOT want to risk getting stuck in an airport or deal the frustration of it all.

It all seems to work out when I look at the bigger picture.  I have an important doctor’s visit this Thursday and I also have my second radio broadcast Thursday night.  So my patience is being tested..Thanks Universe..haha.  A bit of seclusion and rest before the real action begins, well, that’s what I’m chalking it up as.

I had a great convo with one of my best friends this morning and it’s so nice to bounce ideas and take a personal inventory of my current place in life.  It’s nice to be able to be completely open about my feelings with someone who has no judgements.  In the end, we are looking to find peace, where we find it is ultimately up to us.

As I begin my day, at the ripe time of NOON, I can’t help but feel a sense of relief and my excitement about my projects have not wavered at all.  I’m gonna refer to this point in my life as the calm before the action.  Give my plans a little time to materialize…and away I go!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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