I know most people are getting ready to express their love for each other and the children have parents scrambling for Valentine cards and treats to hand out.  It’s like a sea of red hearts everywhere I look.   My boys are telling me about all the girls they have crushes on and I find it so adorable, especially when my 5 year old tells me how special his Valentine is.  Too cute!

For me, it’s another story…  this is my first Valentine’s Day “flying solo”.  I’m not sad nor depressed about it, I’m more happy and I’m feeling the freedom of not getting dressed up and being shuffled around for dinner, especially when it’s so darn cold out!  For me it will be a quiet evening, watching romantic comedies and sipping some hot chocolate.  There may be chips involved..hmmm.

I’m still inspired by this loving tradition as the history of this day is a valiant one.  So, on the eve of this “love” day I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

If you haven’t found your Valentine yet, just know he or she is out there and right when you least expect it, they will be there.

Much love! ❤

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