In planning my destinations for my travels over the next 3 months, I came across an option at a hotel for a “Break-Up Party” where one can have alone or with friends. I think that this is the most GENIUS idea I have ever discovered! Apparently, you can have clothes modelled for you, a bartender, massage, mani-pedi, a cart of ice cream and a basket of chocolate…right in the comforts of your own hotel room; they will also send a limo to get you to and from anywhere you want to go! Now, for someone like me, who is looking to start over, I thought this would be an ideal way to celebrate new beginnings. The first email I received today was from the hotel manager and their concierge showing me all the different options available. I am so excited, so maybe I’ll come back from my first destination relaxed, refreshed and possibly 5-10 pounds heavier. Hmmmm…

My first destination will be in the Windy City of Chicago. I haven’t been there since I was a child visiting my family. Today, I’ll be coordinating my itinerary to all the places I want to see…and YES that also includes seeing the Harpo Studios. Gotta see where Oprah did her show, thank goodness I’m not actually ON the show, although, I would have a LOT to say.

Today, will be filled with finalizing trip details and radio episode preparations…well, after a cup of coffee..or maybe 3…

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