Sigh… I’m exhausted…  

I accomplished a major conquest which is getting my passport pictures and renewal done AND having it expressed delivered for an extra $50.  The line up was endless, but it did move well.  I overheard one of the passport agents say the worst time to come to get your passports done was at noon and on a Monday.  So…typical of me, I did both.  I arrived at noon on a Monday and spent 2 hours there.  I was unprepared as I didn’t have my passport renewal application filled out, so I was sent right back to the end of the line where I had to fill out the form.  To add to my adventure, I also needed 2 of my friends’ correct addresses for verification that someone other than family knew me (or is it to verify I had any friends at all….hmmm) and I was on 2% battery on my cellphone.  With a bit of perspiration, I managed to get the information I needed; I waited for another 45 minutes and made it out of the people packed office in 2 hours.  Luckily, I practiced enhancing my calm and smiled that at least things were moving forward.  I will have to pick my passport up 2 days before my flight which, again makes for an interesting journey.

With my receipt and reassurance that my passport was on its way, I proceeded to book my ticket online.  I did use Kayak and got an amazing deal and was expecting my tickets to be emailed to me “within 3 hours” as it had stated, however nothing but a reservation of the tickets was confirmed.  I guess that will be tomorrow’s priority one task.

As I write this, I am shaking my head at myself and laughing.

I wrote of a list of things to pack and checked off my accomplishments on my “To Do” list.  As I was going down my list, I decided, to make a video about my little mishaps of the day.  WELL, the video was great, I had a great angle and such…BUT upon playback I noticed a really annoying clicking noise.  I took it to google, of course, and found some trouble shooting tips…did they work?  Nope.  I took out my extended warranty plan and noticed there was a 90-Day no question exchange option.  With a glimmer of hope I reached into the folder to read my receipt date and I am currently 7 days passed the 90-Day option.  To have it checked out and possibly prepared is still covered, however with 10 days before my trip this makes for a very interesting twist to my plans.  My last option before sending it out for repairs is to reset my settings to its default.  I went to do that and my camera battery died and I cannot access it until it is charged.  Double sigh.

Well, I guess things have to balance out somehow…I can’t help but smile and think this vacation is SOOO gonna be worth it because damn…this gal needs a break!  WHEW!

If you are having a rough day, just think, at least you aren’t me at this moment and that should put a smile on your face.  I know I am still wearing my smile with pride, because things could be much worse…

Until my next time… PEACE!

One response to “Gadget problems…”

  1. Princess Stepford Avatar

    Bah ha ha! Eff a 2 hour line. This is the best blog I’ve ever read. U really express the frustration I feel when waiting at a government office. Aaauugghhh!!!!


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