I must say, getting these plans in order with the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago is probably the best thing I have ever done. The hotel manager has been working with me via email and she has been so helpful and returns emails quickly and also asks me many questions to help my stay with them an amazing one. I will be getting a sedan to pick me up at the airport so my travel will be an easy and stress free one. I was thinking about getting the CityPASS, however I don’t think I will be able to enjoy many of the attractions due to the weather. I definitely want to go to the Field Museum and maybe opt out of the other attractions for another time when the weather is more cooperative. There will also be some interesting restaurants and bars close by so I may just enjoy the nightlife for this time around.

Tomorrow, I will be getting my passport renewed and once I know it’s on the way, I can finalize my flight. Whew! Thank goodness I rested for most of this weekend, this week will be the final push. With less than 2 weeks before the travels, I have picked out some outfits and purchased a travel kit for my liquids. Since they have limited everything to liquids in a quart sized bag, I feel like I had to play “Tetris” to get all my tiny amounts of each liquid product in this tiny bag. Oh well, at least I know one thing for sure, I’ve learned that less is definitely more and I am currently in training to become a minimalist. Challenge accepted universe! 🙂

At least I got them all in!
At least I got them all in!

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