Deadlines…and Fishing??

I’ve been working hard on my side projects and tomorrow is my deadline. Tonight and all day tomorrow will be me, hard at work trying to coordinate. The last few days I took some time to reorganize my projects and so far the routine is working well for my kids and me. I can’t really get a lot done during the day, due to a curious little toddler getting into everything, but my evenings have been filled with writing and ideas…well, that and Netflix.

Yesterday, I found myself all worked up watching River Monsters Seasons 1-3. I’m not quite done the 2nd season yet, but I’m determined to get them all watched. I guess I’m weird that way. Once I get interested on the topics I usually spend days watching and researching what I’m watching. I’m not good with navigation, but I sure can put live bait on a hook!

It’s supposed to get extra cold again, as per typical Canadian winter, and I’m procrastinating writing on this blog post because I know I’m literally going to have to enter this bitter coldness. I’m complaining a little, only because I really want a Starbucks…and they don’t deliver…dammit!

It’s possible to love this winter weather…isn’t it?!

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