As elegant as a diamond watch
I glow with pride at your touch
Smoother than a necklace of pearls
It’s you and me against the world

I will dangle from your arm
Enhance your handsome charms
I’ll make them turn their heads
I listened to all you’ve said

I am your personal Arm Candy

Will you pay the price of this?
Can we come to an arrangement?
I’ll make them smile and swoon for you
All for your entertainment

All the research, this I will do
As a predator I work the room
I’ll keep my hungry eyes on you
I make my moves at your cue

I am your personal Arm Candy

The price for me can be high
First of all, you cannot lie
And in case you were not listening
it means I won’t put up with any cheating

Protect my honour and my heart
Be a gentleman right from the start
Be trustworthy when near and far
Show me who you really are

Make me your personal Arm Candy

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