I’ve been showing my Lhasa Apso for over 6 years earning his Canadian Championship while he was still a young puppy. The show ring was such a great experience and I am still an active member of the Lhasa Apso Association of Canada. Aside from the pretty groomed hair of my Lhasa he is very much a hardy lil guy, however, I’ve always been partial to the working dog breeds. I started doing research, several years ago, on different breeds and am looking to do some training in the Service Dog sector. I would like to eventually get into schutzhund training.

I found a 3yr old Doberman Pinscher that needed to be rehomed and I decided he was at the right age, skipping the puppy stage and getting right into his training. The original owners were a very sweet growing family so I understood what they were going through. They gave me his crate, his leash and dog bowls, which I wasn’t expecting. My boys already adore him and he has been really gentle and extremely obedient.

He’s my new huge cuddle toy! 🙂

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