I’ve been power walking all week and wow am I feeling the muscle burn…but in a good way. I’ve lost so much muscle mass from winter hibernating, but I feel great!

I noticed some scarring on Judge’s (my rescue Doberman), chin, feet and joints. I noticed some bent bars on the cage they gave us and I was so sad. He’s a very large dog and I think the previous owners used to keep him caged all day. It makes me feel sad when I see signs of neglect. He’s so gentle and obedient he takes food from my little 1 year old so carefully.

On a great note, he’s everything I need right now, screw the gym, I’ll just walk my dog! lol

I’m preparing for my trip to Texas and I will be flying into Houston. I’m still searching for hotels and sometimes looking at the beautiful hotel rooms distracts me…like eye candy!…And YES it seems everything is big in Texas! Can’t wait to see my friends there and get my de-stress on! There will be a birthday every month from now until November so this will be such a sweet escape! Details on my trip coming soon! 🙂

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