Since the kids have been back in school I’ve been running around keeping up with their schedules as well as my own. My deadlines are coming up quick and as I was rushing around to get to appointments; I realized that I ran out of some key makeup products: eyebrow pencil and mascara.

I headed to Walmart to pick up some items and picked up a few items to try out.

I haven’t purchased drugstore products in a few years so I was very interested to see how far along their formulas had come. I found some false lashes during my search so I decided to try them all exclusively for the upcoming weeks.

Currently using this 3-product combo on a daily basis

Brow Artist Designer by L’Oreal
At first I found the pencil to be really stiff, however I warmed up the product with my fingertips and it glided on nicely. It isn’t a very pigmented product but that also helps for those who are a little heavily handed with brow pencil applications. The attached spool brush is so handy especially for travel purposes.
*Tip: Use short strokes with a light hand alternating the spool brush to distribute brow product evenly

The Super Sizer by CoverGirl What drew me to this particular mascara was the brush. It is a thin rubber brush with short bristles which makes getting into the root base of my lashes effortless. The formula is like a gel consistency and it surprised me with it’s staying power. It survived my 12 hour day without flaking nor running.
*Tip: The formula takes a little longer to dry so wait 5-10 seconds after application to ensure the formula is fully dried.

Demi-Wispies by Ardell
I chose to try these out after they caught my eye with how pretty the curl is in each false lash. In comparison with my pairs of lashes from the Premium Luxe Collection by House of Lashes, these lashes have a much thinner band and are easier to apply. The design of the lash flares out in length and width as it approaches the outer corner of the eyes making the eyes look more flirty. This is a great affordable and versatile lash that you can easily transform any look from day to night.

Click here for the video review:  #WhatTheFace : A Quick 3 products Review

If you try any of the above listed products, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of them.  🙂

Much love to you all!


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