This whole week was filled with a lot of major decisions, researching, sourcing and finally some results.  The wheels of my new business adventure are definitely in full motion and thanks to all my preparation, everything has been falling into place more quickly than I had anticipated.  It has been such a relief to know that my hard work is paying off and that I have made great contacts who have made this particular part of my journey so much fun!

I have had to force myself to get more organized and writing down lists seems to be a daily task in itself.  I have lists in my organizer, lists on my phone, lists in my notebook..  The great part is that I have managed to actually complete said lists and get so much done.  I’ve disciplined myself to do less procrastinating and more production.  It’s a great feeling and with opportunities opening up to me regularly I can’t help but feel on top of the world!

With that I have also been organizing my medias.  I will be posting regularly so I can keep you up to date on my ventures.  I’m seriously having so much fun, I cannot wait to share it with you!

Cheers to a fresh and new week! 😀


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