The “Chesire Cat” has been a long time favourite character from the Alice in Wonderland story.  I loved both the original cartoon and the one from the updated Alice Through The Looking Glass movie.



I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” as a base over my entire lid and started my look with the colour “Reflection” from the palette, pressing the eyeshadow into my lid, I find that I get a better colour pay off when I do this with any eyeshadow.

Using the colour “Gone Mad” I apply it to my crease and loosely wing the eyeshadow out towards the outer corner of my eyes.  I applied “Cake” underneath my brow towards my crease.  Using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Purple Velvet” create a cat nose around my nostrils to the tip of my nose, then press “Time” into the base.  I used “Blacktrack” by MAC to line my eyes making sure the inner corners of the “cat eye” angle carefully down the sides of my nose and wing it out.  I keep a pack of cosmetic cotton swabs close by to help clean up and fix any mistakes.  I place the colour “Royal Flush” to the in the inner and outer corner of the “cat eye” which makes them pop!I used Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX in “Peacock” and “Time” eyeshadow in the centre of my cupids bow and dab whisker holes with the tip of a cosmetic cotton swab using MAC’s “Blacktrack” gel eyeliner.

Looking glass palette2
Alice Through The Looking Glass palette by Urban Decay

I applied the blush “Flaunt” by Lorac Cosmetics to my cheeks and in all my contour areas like the temples and along my forehead hairline.

With Jumbo Eye Pencil “Purple Velvet” I drew long hairs to the top of my eyebrows and throughout my forehead to simulate the cat’s stripes, then placed “Cake” eyeshadow just underneath the darker stripes then blended out any harsh lines.

I outlined the famous Cheshire Cat grin with “Rust” Jumbo Eye Pencil carving out sharp triangles for the teeth, I then set the lips and between the teeth with “Time” eyeshadow.  I coloured the teeth in with “Milk” then outlined each tooth with a thin eyeliner brush.

For the final touches, I applied “Iconic” lashes by House of Lashes then added my long curly custom wig by XtraWaves, I twisted the hair into two tall buns for the cat’s ears.

I just love playing with this palette, so stay tuned for more makeup fun.  I also created a special “The Cat Music” playlist while I worked on my face I’ll have the video an all the links below.

Much love,



Periscope:  “Chesire Cat Look” Live (Unedited)

YouTube:  “Cheshire Cat Look” (edited)

“Alice” look

“Mad Hatter” look


4 responses to ““Cheshire Cat” look with the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette by Urban Decay”


    Awesome makeup look.

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  2. Princess Stepford Avatar

    This looks awesome! I love it. Also perfect, because Halloween is coming up!!!! ❤

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    1. Stiletto Supermom Avatar

      Omg I know! Comic Con is coming up too! I’m so excited!


    2. Stiletto Supermom Avatar

      Thank you for the love! I can’t wait to see your Halloween looks too!!!😘😘


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