Above, I have decided on trying the “roll technique” for this travel.  I still have to pack up my makeup, but there’s plenty of room for my makeup and another pair of shoes, plus some extra space for souvenirs as my boys are HUGE Chicago fans.  Now, I don’t care what anyone says, minimalist travel is hard as hell to pack.  I’m a woman who loves the freedom of options within my own dressing room…so, challenge accepted and after switching out a few outfits, my suitcase now looks like clothing sardines!

Since I won’t be in Chicago until after 9:30pm, I can already predict that I will be sleeping for like 2 days.  The hotel concierge team has been so amazing I can’t rave enough about them!  I hope they will let me take pics of them, like the true tourist I intend to be. 🙂

Next, on the list for tomorrow is have my camera checked.

I was so excited packing and unpacking last night I lost track of time, the evening coffee didn’t help, didn’t get to bed until around 3am and I have a meeting in the early afternoon!  Whew!

Will keep my updates rolling…  🙂

6 responses to ““Sardine” packing, flight confirmations and last minute errands…”

  1. Princess Stepford (@PrincessStepfrd) Avatar

    Omg reading this makes me excited to see you and excited to read about your travels!!! YAY!!! Let me know how rolling shit works out… Bc that would save me a lot of room in my own packing methinks…


    1. stilettosupermom Avatar

      Yes, this is the first time I tried it too, so I’ll let you know what happens.. The squiggly tank in there is an inside out sequin tank top so I’m concerned about that piece the most


  2. Watercalms Avatar

    The rolling method is fabulous! I learned to use years ago. My clothes do not wrinkle.
    You mentioned a sequined top, for special items I put them in a soft bag from a purse or shoes. Been okay so far. I’m very classic, black shoes, etc.
    Your suitcase looks amazing! Have fun and stay warm! Binge on good Chi pizza. Lol


    1. StilettoSupermom Avatar

      Thank you! And, yes I rolled my sequin top inside out and very carefully so I hope it survives the trip. We shall soon see… Thank for reading 🙂


  3. Watercalms Avatar

    How did the sequin top arrive? How was the flight with our snowy and rainy weather?


    1. StilettoSupermom Avatar

      The top arrived safely…no thanks to TSA grrr…there was some turbulence but the weather has been pretty good so far. I’m enjoying it 🙂


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