There’s something about the feel of you that eases me when I grip you in my hand.  You ease my mind, you are my voice, you know my most intimate thoughts.  I hate to admit, but I feel I am lost without you.  I have strayed from you, with so many yet to you is where I always turn to.

There’s just something about the way you shine in any kind of light.  You light up my world when I see you in another one’s hand.  Yet I feel protective of you, I feel nervous for you as I see another enjoy your smoothness.  I can’t wait to have you in my grasp.  My fingers are meant to be around you.

I know our fate is only temporary before we must inevitably say goodbye, forever.  But know this…  I will enjoy you to the bittersweet end.  My secrets will die with you and I am at peace with that.

An Ode To My Pen

2 responses to “Untitled?…”

  1. Princess Stepford (@PrincessStepfrd) Avatar

    OMG! I’m printing out a copy of this… I love it… This is how writer’s feel…


    1. StilettoSupermom Avatar

      Yes ma’am I feel this for sure! 😉


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