In doing my final checks for my flight in 3 days; I decided to use the little containers that came with my TSA approved clear plastic bag. I managed to fit all these liquids into the tiny bag:

So many liquids...not a lot of options...
So many liquids…not a lot of options…

The tiny containers, that came with my clear travel bag, also came with clear sticker labels. I filled these up and labelled them while listening to my music.

Sharpie and clear stickers


Of course this meant changing a few things around, but I managed fit a pair of tall boots, stiletto dress shoes and a pair of flip-flops. I rolled my eyeshadow palette into my jeans for extra protection and added my other toiletry bag for my hair brush and big toothed comb.

Since airport security wants the liquids accessible I put that bag on the large front panel pocket of my carry-on suitcase.

TSA Approved bag of liquids.

For a freshening up bag I just added some face powder, chapstick, eye makeup remover and wipes. I put this on the smaller front panel pocket where I would be able to reach it easier.



On to my gadget bag… I added my notebook to the same pocket with my laptop for extra bit of cushion protection. The other side of my laptop bag holds my iPad and my headphones, camera, external hard drive; as well as my cords, chargers and backup battery.




My last stop, errand wise is to pick up my favourite pens (I seriously can’t write without them) and printer ink to print out my itinerary and receipts.

Looks like I’m ready to fly! 🙂

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