I ended up buying a new bag for my travels, I just couldn’t fit some things into my carry-on. Now, with less than 24 hours before my feet leave Canadian soil, I am left with getting my boarding pass on my phone and confirming my pick up with the concierge. I’m currently charging my phone, laptop and iPad. I’ve backed everything up so I’m feeling very prepared.

Since I have some extras, this trip could make for an excellent test for me and for who I meet along my way. I’m going through my bags over and over feeling like I’m missing something.

I feel both sadness and happiness right now. I hug my children and cuddle them. I can see and hear their excitement for me, especially from my 15 year old. He surprised me today, apparently he’s been talking to his friends about me and one of his friends has offered some spa services from his work at a salon. He smiled at me as I read the message from his phone, with his little dimple, he said, “See Ma, I got you!”

It’s true, I will be leaving a part of me that I’ve known for so many years. The adjustments are going to be difficult and challenging, but it is inevitable. I don’t feel anxious, I don’t feel rushed… I just feel…ready.

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