I had to send my new camera in for repairs and now I feel so lost without it.  I would be taking photos of the changes in the weather outside and I miss taking the elusive photo of the kids playing quietly together.   Aside from getting the groceries prepared for the 1 week March Break, I’ve been writing and getting ideas put together and coordinated.  Not having my camera puts a bit of the breaks on some of the new projects I’ve been working on, but I’m taking this time to use it to my advantage.  I had to purchase some more equipment for my studio and some other supplies.  The only thing I have left to do is check my lighting and get a tripod.

I know things aren’t completely together yet, but I am definitely making progress.  I’m doing my research, studying, observing and exploring all the things I have listed.  For now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy learning new things and chill out with my children.

A great start to the perfect weekend and I’m full of anticipation for next week!  🙂

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