Multitasking Meltdown


I finally have my voice back, the cough is still there but I can manage that.  I’m a bit behind on some of my projects, but by the end of the night I should have everything ready to go for the week.  Scheduling and budgeting and getting tax documents together…sometimes I really don’t like being the adult…sigh…

I’m narrowing down some dates for my March 2014 travels, so that will be the main goal by the end of next week.  Tonight looks like my eyes will be glued to my computer screen.  I’ve been working hard, but I am absolutely loving this kind of work.  The kids will be out of school for Family Day, so getting things done in the evening is my best bet.  I will probably be tweeting in between breaks…actually, that’s a guarantee.

Now comes the fun stuff… accounting…my brain hurts.

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