It’s official, my day was a complete bust, from a clogged toilet, to ruined plans, to let downs…

I know I can’t control everything that happens in my life, but it just really sucks when I can’t prevent things. I’ve been almost bedridden for 4 days and hardly slept. Staring at the walls is starting to get boring, but watching the thick snow come down somehow dashed my hopes for Spring being “just around the corner”.

Just when I thought I’d mentally delete this day, someone randomly comes along and appreciates me. Some people would say “they’re only saying things you want to hear, they have an agenda…blah blah blah…” but my real question is: Is feeling better because they said those things really a bad thing? I think we all share a common thread, everyone wants to feel appreciated, respected, loved and happy. I’m a strong believer in if you send out love and support, you receive it 100 fold.

Gotta keep my eyes on my goals…it’s the only way to go from here.

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