I stayed up late last night and paid for it as my internal alarm refused to let me sleep in, yet again.  I started my day with a cup of coffee and I watched as the Chicago streets come to life with the buses, cars and people swarming to get to their destinations.  So far, I feel that the people of Chicago are extremely similar to my personality and that of most of the people I know.  I spoke with my best friend on the phone and told her how much we had in common with the Windy City natives, there’s a hint of impatience, a slice of urgency and a dab of in your face, haha, however they are also the most down to earth, friendly and hospitable people I’ve met.

Although I didn’t venture out, I enjoyed a quiet day of rest and writing.  The city has inspired me with it’s history and general ambiance.  It feels like home and a part of me has been reignited, everything I had hoped this trip would do for me has happened.

As I wind down for the evening and settle into the my King sized “nest” I feel calm and content.  It was a great day and so far the best destination decision I’ve made.  I believe I will be back during the warmer weather as I feel I have fallen completely in love with this city.

Until tomorrow…sweet dreams!

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