It feels good to be back writing again, I was a bit “off the grid” for a few days to think about things and reorganize my future travels. Things changed, so I had to adapt. It seems everyone has that restless feeling lately. Hmm…

I’ve decided to restructure my destination plans to Texas and to Las Vegas. I also decided to chart a coast to coast Canada trip for the Spring-Early Summer months. I looked at my overall schedule and readjusted it to make things easier for my trip and for emergency return like I had while during my Chicago trip..Yikes! I never want to be in that position again…feeling completely dependent on the other person on the other end of the line was the complete opposite of the purpose of the trip, but I learned how the system works and how sometimes shit just happens.

So far, my projects are still on schedule. 🙂 Plus…I added a few more projects to the list… heehee

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