Chicago Day 6 & 7: Gotz to Go…Soon.

The last two days kind of melted so here we go.

I did accomplish more than what I had planned.  Despite not going to the attractions, I still feel that I managed to get MORE than what I expected.  I now know what I want out of my life and also WHERE I want to go.  I absolutely LOVE the people of Chicago, their blunt yet polite attitude is admirable, the amenities in downtown are literally a walk away.  I must say I have thoroughly fallen completely in love with this city.  I will be sad to leave but I know I will be back.

I booked my one way ticket back home and packed up most of my belongings.  I’m still debating whether I want to check my bag as I don’t feel like lugging it onto the plane.  I love options…a girl always has to have options.  I can’t imagine ever making traveling plans without the internet..with a card number and an “Enter” button I’ve managed to make, change, book all my flights and hotel stays.  This is a proud age in time that I embrace with great big open arms.

I will be on my way by noon tomorrow, I hope to take as many pics as I can before I leave this beautiful city.  Gonna try and catch up on some much needed sleep!

Will report back on travel home day! 🙂


Author: Stiletto Supermom

Writing is my passion, people are my motivation, my children are my life. Sharing my life's journey through travel, film and many other medias. Choose happiness... and share it with everyone.

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