Back Home

It wasn’t the greatest situation to come home to know that my friend is very ill.  I’m glad I’m home and close by to him as he is like a brother, but it’s just so sad to know that he has an uphill battle for his health.  I pray for his strength as he is one of the strongest people I know.

Although my return home is bittersweet, I feel empowered and ready for a fresh start.  Sometimes other people’s struggle is an eyeopener to what drastic measures you must do to achieve your goals and dreams.  I have constant reminders of this whenever I meet new people and hear the triumphs of my friends and family.

Although I currently have laryngitis, which also puts a hold on my videos and radio show, I have so many more opportunities happening to me.  I’ve put my foot down to set up my own personal boundaries involving everyone in my life.  It’s been a very hard acceptance as I’m usually the one everyone runs to, but if I don’t I will lose myself again, this is something I never want to negotiate again.

Tonight, I open up my notebook and rearrange some of my upcoming trip plans.  I’ve found better and I see clearer now…this is a very exciting time for me.  I hope you all find your inner strength and never let it go! 😉

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